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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering students typically study abroad in the spring of their sophomore year.  Please note Chemical Engineering students can only take one out-of-major technical elective towards their degree requirements.  In addition, spring semester sophomore chemical engineering students typically do not have the pre-requisites to take upper level CHBE courses while abroad.  This means most Chemical Engineering students should anticipate taking only 3 courses towards their degree requirments while abroad.

You can view study abroad courses that have been evaluated previously by visiting our ILP Online Database

Popular Spring Program for Chemical Engineering Students

Universidad Pontifica Comillas (Madrid, Spain)

Universidad Pontifica Comillas or Clark in Madrid Program

  1. PHYS270/271: Physics 3 (DIM-SAP-231 and DIM-SAP232)
  2. MATH246: Differential Equations (DMA-SAP-230)
  3. ENMA300: Introduction to Materials Engineering (DIM-SAP-337)
  4. Out-of-Major Technical Elective
    1. MATH461: Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers (DMA-SAP-131/DMA-SAP-431)
  5. ENGL393: Technical Writing (UMD online course)
  6. General Education Course (not I-series or DSSP)
    1. DSHU: B-1 Spanish for Exchange Students (IIM-SAP-123)
    2. DVUP: Spanish Culture in Film (DOI-SAP-130)

University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland)

University of Glasgow Direct Enroll

  1. CHEM241/242: Organic Chemistry II (CHEM2015)
  2. Technical Elective (only one out-of-major technical elective may be taken while abroad)
    1. TECH4XX: Energy Storage M (ENG5301)
    2. TECH4XX: Environmental Biotechnology (ENG4152)
  3. ENGL393: Technical Writing (UMD online course)
  4. General Education Course (not I-series or DSSP)
    1. DSHS: Celtic Civilization 1B (CELTCIV1002)

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

  1. MATH246: Differential Equations (MH3110)
  2. PHYS270/271: Physics 3 (EE1002)
  3. ENMA425: Introduction to Biomaterials (MA4834)
  4. BIOE453: Biomaterials (MS4013)
  5. ENME382/ENMA300: Introduction to Materials Engineering (MS3011)
  6. ENGL393: Technical Writing (UMD online course)
  7. General Education Course (not I-series or DSSP)
    1. DSHU: Minds and Machines (HY3011); Singapore Literature and Culture I (HL1005); Issues in Art History and Theory (DD2003)
    2. DSHS: Principles of Economics (AB0901)
    3. DVUP: Singapore Literature and Culture I (HL1005)

Due to the nature of this program, there is a chance that while Nanyang Technological University offers the above courses each Spring, they could have a time conflct or students may not be able to enroll in all of their desired classes.  Students should be prepared that they may need to take a summer course after studying abroad to catch up.

University of Manchester (Manchester, UK)

University of Manchester Exchange or University of Manchester Direct Enroll

  1. MATH246: Differential Equations (MATH10232)
  2. Out-of-Major Technical Elective
    1. MATH461: Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers (MATH10202 or MATH10212 *Requires strong background in proofs)
  3. ENGL393: Technical Writing (UMD online course)
  4. General Education Course (not I-series or DSSP)
    1. DSHU: From Reconstruction to Reagan (AMER10002); Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology (PHIL10622)
    2. DSHS: From Reconstruction to Reagan (AMER10002); Introduction to European Archaeology (ARGY10122); Gender, Sexuality and the Body (ENGL20482); Bodies in History (HSTM10272); Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective (SOAN10312)
    3. DVUP: From Reconstruction to Reagan (AMER10002); Gender, Sexuality and the Body (ENGL20482)